New Year and New Age Group

While on my run today I was thinking about birthdays. Every one has them and it can affect people differently. Some people will say it’s only a number or you’re only as old as you feel. Others run out and purchase all the anti-aging and wrinkle cream they can find in an effort to slow down the aging process.

I had a hard time when I turned 30; I read somewhere that women need to start using all the different anti-aging and wrinkle that were out in their mid 20s to help with the aging process. The article sent me into a panic because I hadn’t been using any of those products. That night on the way home from work I stopped and picked up a few items that would help keep the wrinkles away. This year I felt the same way; maybe a little less panicked but still stressed about my 35th birthday. The morning of my birthday, while getting ready for work I put on a little extra wrinkle (around the eye) cream and I made a list of items to pick up at the store (like some night face wrinkle cream). It has been a few days but today I realized that this birthday bothered me not because I was turning 35 but because of entering a new racing age group. I’ve now entered the 35-39 age group. It’s weird registering for new races and having to put 35 in for my age. I now look at that age box on the registration form and hold my breath as I fill it in the box.

I still would like to think that we are truly only as old as we feel and we get better as we age. I think that I’m getting stronger and faster with every year and this year will hopefully be no different.

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