In LOVE with a State Called Arizona

The warm weather never felt so good. It has taken me a few days to get used to the warm weather; after all it is 30┬░ warmer then Pennsylvania. Though it is unseasonably warm right now, temps are usually in the 70s this time of year (about 10 to 20 cooler then what we are experiencing). February is the start of Spring in Arizona so the dry desert terrain is a bit greener now and plants are blooming. It’s awesome this see how lush the desert can be at certain times of the year.


Got the opportunity to swim outside and not feel a bit cold! I could have stayed in the pool all day but the youth swim team was ready to practice.



There are a lot of bike shops in our area so finding a mtb and road bike to rent was relatively easy. ┬áMountain biking on the Desert Classic trail on South Mountain in the Phoenix area which was really fun and I’m very happy to not have seen any rattlesnakes or mountain lions. A shop in Scottsdale had road bikes available to rent. Ride was a little short (only an 1hr 30min) but Scottsdale is not bike friendly. No bike lanes and the roads are 3 or 4 lanes wide in one direction (that wore a little too much on my nerves).



Next post will be from Tucson!

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