Logo Samples


Tucson Ruff Runners is a volunteer group who runs the dogs at the local shelter in Tucson. It was a great group to work with on the logo. The logo is used on t-shirts so that the volunteers are easily recognized at the shelter.  I can speak from experience that it’s a rewarding experience for animals and humans. I would encourage anyone to go volunteer at a shelter.


Sag-It a start up on-site support crew catering to triathlon and cycling camps in the Tucson AZ area. There are a few teams/groups that come to beautiful Tucson to train during the cold winter months. This was a fun project to help create a logo that can be used for web or print. The logo is being placed on a vehicle window as well (picture to follow).


PB1               PBdots

Podium Bound is a multi sport club to help support others with running, riding and swimming. Goal was to have a logo that could work for web and print. Custom cycling and triathlon kits were created in a different color palette.

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